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Import (or export) data in accordance with the combined nomenclature KODU.
Import (or export) data in accordance with the combined nomenclature KODU, broken down by country.
List of the importer or exporter in accordance with the criteria you specify.
Import or export statistics on the specified country, broken down by combined nomenclature headings

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Send an e-mail request to or by post to the Central Statistical Bureau, Bear Street 1, Riga, LV-1001. In the request, it is important to specify the Combined Nomenclature codes and the required period for which information is required. The submission shall indicate the applicant's name, surname (legal persons - name, VAT registration number and bank details), place of residence (legal address), the phone. Specify the type of receipt and payment you want: (a) signed to e-mail with a secure electronic signature, by wire, (b) by post, by transfer (c) to the CSP Information Centre, with prior payment by wire.

  2. Receiving information
    Types of receipt - by e-mail, mail or CSP at the Information Centre (Lichlach Street 1, Riga).


18.91 EUR
18.91 EUR

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