The framework document governing the official statistics and CSB's activity is Statistics Law and Regulation on European Statistics.

Regulation (EC) No 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on European statistics sets forth:

  • organization of European Statistical System;
  • production of European statistics;
  • quality criteria and commitment to the European Statistics Code of Practice;
  • dissemination European Statistics.

The Cabinet Regulation No. 732 By-Laws of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia issued on 27 November 2018 defines general organisational structure, functions, tasks and rights of the CSB. Organisational structure is published in section About us.

As of December 2016 the CSB is obliged to comply with 393 EU legal acts binding in the field of statistics.

The CSB performs statistical work in compliance with principles set out in the European Statistics Code of Practice, the most important of which are as fallows:

  • professional independence;
  • quality and statistical confidentiality commitment;
  • approved methodology;
  • reduction of excessive burden on respondents;
  • timeliness and punctuality;
  • availability and clarity.