Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) is an authority of the direct administration which acts under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy (MoE). According to the Statistics Law, the CSB is established as the managing institution of the official statistics system, and it implements functional subordination concerning other statistical institutions in the field of providing official statistics.

Customer service standard of the CSB provides information on customer service values and principles, ways of receiving services and communication options.

In its work, the CSB bases its activity on the following values: independence, professionalism, openness and cooperation.

The core value of the CSB is professional, honest, reliable, quality result-oriented employees with high-level competence and excellent communication culture.

The CSB customer has the right to expect that CSB employees:

  • will be competent, knowledgeable, responsible and cooperation-oriented;
  • will behave kindly, properly, responsively and adhere to ethical standards and basic principles;
  • will respond to the request, providing accurate and correct information;
  • will use the most convenient way of communication for the customer, if possible;
  • will indicate the responsible CSB structural unit or institution, which is competent in dealing with the matter in question, if in accordance with their official duties they will not be able to provide the service;
  • will admit their mistakes and apologize for them, turning the situation for the better;
  • will ensure the confidentiality of information provided by customers;
  • will make a decision after evaluating the specific factual and legal circumstances.

In order to make the cooperation successful, we expect the CSB customers to:

  • show openness, honesty and constructive attitude, as well as fulfil the agreement with the CSB;
  • will treat with understanding the requirements of regulatory acts, which refer to the provision of statistics;
  • will behave with courtesy and respect, observing the norms of ethics and conduct commonly accepted in society;
  • will actively participate in customer surveys of the CSB and evaluate the quality of services.

On the official statistics portal stat.gov.lv/lv the following information is available:

  • reference metadata;
  • release calendar;
  • press releases, publications, infographics;
  • database with the following functionality options: data visualization, standard tables, data selection, viewing, downloading in required formats, creation of time series, machine interface;
  • geospatial statistics in an interactive map browser.

On the CSB website csp.gov.lv the following information is available:

  • on forms and questionnaires in population and business surveys;
  • catalogue of forms;
  • catalogue of statistical classifications;
  • information security and data protection;
  • responses to requests and submissions on matters within the CSB mission;
  • advice on submitting and filling in official statistics forms.

By calling from 8:30 to 17:00 on working days.

To E-address

By mail

  • Lāčplēša iela 1, Rīga, LV-1010

By email

Twitter twitter.com/csb_latvia

Facebook facebook.com/csplatvija

  • answer phone calls, but if this is not possible immediately, call back;
  • when starting the conversation, the employee identifies oneself (names the institution, name and surname);
  • provide an answer to the question, but if it is not possible to provide an answer immediately (during one contact), make a call back or otherwise provide an answer in a way that is convenient for the customer;
  • within the structural unit, also to answer the phone calls of an absent colleague, finding out the identity of the caller and providing the information of interest to the caller or recording the information to be passed on to the absent colleague;
  • if the consultation time over the phone takes more than 10 minutes, in order to free up the phone line, offer to answer the question of interest electronically. If the customer agrees, record outstanding issues and send an answer during the day;
  • if an error was made when providing information to the customer over the phone, call the customer within 10 minutes after discovering the error, provide clarifying information and apologize;
  • when sending information to the customer electronically, greet the addressee at the beginning of the letter, and say goodbye at the end, indicating the name, structural unit, position and phone number;
  • if an error was made when providing information to the customer electronically (using an email), within 20 minutes after discovering the error send clarifying information to the customer's email address and apologize;
  • observe business etiquette (proper behaviour) in the workplace in accordance with the CSB Code of Ethics

Customer opinion is essential for service improvement and quality service, therefore we will be grateful if the customer:

  1. will participate in customer surveys and evaluate the quality of services provided by the CSB;
  2. will express opinion either orally or in writing if the quality of the services provided is commendable or unsatisfactory