After the renewal of independence Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia (until 1998 – the State Committee on Statistics) started to develop statistical system on a new basis which was determined by country’s transition to market economy and integration into the EU statistical system. The CSB of the Republic of Latvia joined cooperation programme of statistical institutions of countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the European Union and 3 Baltic states. Starting with 1992 new statistical system for data collection, processing and publishing was developed. Introduction of new technologies and methodology was facilitated by available EU funding.

From perforating machines, where data were entered from punch cards (80 bits per each), and primitive, noisy electromechanical calculators available to only a few statisticians, to personal computer for each statistician and server network with a memory of terabytes (1013 bytes) – this is the development of CSB system's technical basis during the last 40 years.

CSB of the Republic of Latvia is a member of the European Statistical System (ESS) which is partnership between Eurostat, National Statistical Institutions and other organizations producing statistics used at European level. Comparability and harmonization of statistical information is essential aspect for data produced in different countries of the ESS.

Since August 1998 Aija Zigure is the President of Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia.