The Central Statistical Bureau (hereinafter - the CSB) is a direct administrative institution operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics1, and it is the main performer and coordinator of the preparation of official state statistics in the country. The CSB is responsible for the organization of the work of providing official state statistics in Latvia and for the accuracy of the data obtained by compiling the information received from the respondents.

CSB mission

Preparation of reliable statistical data for studying the socio-economic processes of the society and for making future decisions.

CSB vision

A modern statistical institution that is a leader in the country in the application of innovative methods in the provision of statistics.

CSB strategy

CSB goals and tasks

CSB overarching goal: To provide up-to-date statistical information by developing partnerships in the use of new data sources and methods in the production of statistics during the strategy period.

To achieve the overarching goal, the CSB has set the following aims and tasks:

  • Promote the integration of different data sources, including private ones, into statistical provision processes by strengthening partnerships to mobilize the necessary resources.
  • To develop cooperation with universities and researchers in the development of statistical methodological solutions and in-depth data analysis.
  • Maintain a regular dialogue with users of official statistics to identify new requirements in a timely manner.
  • To improve the possibilities of publishing and using statistical data, ensuring a compromise of topicality and timeliness of data with quality.
  • To increase the motivation and professionalism of the CSB staff by developing the ability of employees to create new, innovative products and to provide intellectual input in the development of statistical provision methodology.
  • Optimize core business processes by improving the operation of internal IT systems.
  • To improve the production environment of official statistics in Latvian statistical institutions by increasing the competencies of institutions in the field of official statistics.
  • To organize and methodologically manage the self-assessment process of compliance of Latvian statistical institutions with the general quality requirements of the Official Statistical System (OSS).

In order to ensure the preparation of higher quality statistics, the CSB in its activities strives to comply with the European Statistics Code of Practice and continues to implement elements of the quality management system. More information on quality statistics can be found in the "Quality documentation for statistical institutes".

It is possible to get acquainted with the CSB operation authorization (regulatory enactments) under the section "Legislation".


1 The CSB is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics.

This form of subordination does not affect the functional independence of the Bureau, because, according to the definition below, which follows the State Administration Structure Law (Article 7), the Ministry of Economics is not entitled to give direct orders to the Bureau regarding statistical production.

Supervision means the rights of higher institutions or officials to examine the lawfulness of decisions taken by lower institutions or officials and to revoke unlawful decisions, as well as to issue an order to take a decision in case of unlawful failure to act.