Responsible authority
Central Statistical Bureau
Purpose of introduction

Reflection of household individual consumption expenditure.

Classification object

Types of individual final consumption.

Area of application
  • household final consumption estimates for national accounts;
  • classification of household individual consumption expenditure in Household Budget Survey;
  • standardisation of consumer price index estimates and provision of international comparisons.

United Nations Statistics Division

Planned update or revision

Update and revision are not planned. Gradual introduction of the classification in each domain will be performed in line with an approved schedule, but not before respective regulatory enactments are updated.

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding systemdecimally hierarchical
Code length – five digits
Number of levels – 4

Description of levels
Level 1: 15 divisions identified by two-digit numerical codes;
Level 2: 63 groups identified by three-digit numerical codes;
Level 3: 187 classes identified by four-digit numerical codes;
Level 4: 337 subclasses identified by five-digit numerical codes.

Nataļja Dubkova

Section Head
Natalja.Dubkova [at]