Responsible authority
Central Statistical Bureau
Purpose of introduction

Provision of common coding of information on industrial production statistics, manufactured goods, mining product in the country.

Classification object

Volume of industrial products in physical and value units.

Area of application

Collection and compilation of statistics.


Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Planned update or revision

The classification is updated in line with the amendments to Combined Nomenclature.

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding system  decimally hierarchical
Code length – ten digits

Number of levels – 4

Description of levels
Level 1 – 238 classes
Level 2 – 1530 sub-categories
Level 3 – 4044 products and industrial services
Level 4 – 4132 * national codes of industrial products

Description of hierarchy
National codes of industrial products are merged with the EU PRODCOM classification codes in one list which additionally has level 4 (9th and 10th digit of the code), moreover additional items are created as a precise division of the PRODCOM List content.

Laila Ekharde

Senior Expert
Laila.Ekharde [at]