Responsible authority
Ministry of Welfare
Central Statistical Bureau
European Union
Purpose of introduction

Compilation of harmonised information and data on social protection system in Latvia meeting Eurostat requirements and provision of this information to the Commission and other EU institutions.

Classification object

ESSPROS core system:
1. social protection benefits and services;
2. income and expenditure financial flows at the level of social protection schemes.
ESSPROS module on pension beneficiaries:
3. number of pension recipients (avoiding double counting).
ESSPROS module on net social protection benefits:
4. data on net expenditure on social protection benefits.

Area of application

Social protection statistics.


Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat)

Planned update or revision

At the level of social protection schemes, update and revision, if necessary, is performed annually when compiling information on the reference period

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding system – hierarchical
Code length – seven digits

Description of levels
Core system of the ESSPROS is structured multidimensionally and it includes parallel sub-classifications of various levels:
1. Classification of social protection schemes:
Level 1 – 5 criteria groups
Level 2 – 11 scheme categories
Level 3 – 10 scheme sub-categories
Level 4 – 2 scheme sub-categories

2. Classification of social protection financial flows at national level:
2.1. Classification of receipts of social protection schemes by type:
Level 1 – 4 social contributions by payment characteristics or reason
Level 2 – 8 sub-groups
Level 3 – 5 sub-groups
2.2. Classification of institutional sectors from which receipts originate:
Level 1 – 2 receipts by residency of institutional sector
Level 2 – 4 receipts by institutional sector
Level 3 – 3 institutional units
2.3. Classification of expenditure of social protection by type of expenditure:
Level 1 – 4 expenditure by characteristics or reason
Level 2 – 4 sub-groups

3. Main classification* of social benefits and services:
Level 1 – 2 main groups
Level 2 – 4 sub-groups by type of transfer
Level 3 – 4 sub-groups by periodicity of benefit payment

4. Main classification** of beneficiaries:
Level 1 – 4 main groups by social protection function
Level 2 – 7 sub-groups by pension category

5. Classification of net social protection benefits***:
Level 1 – 4 types of expenditure by essence or purpose
Level 2 – 4 sub-groups

Description of hierarchy
* Main classification of social protection benefits and services is used at two levels: national and by eight functions.
** Main classification of beneficiaries is used at two levels: national and by each scheme.

*** The data on net social protection benefits (restricted approach) are broken down by:
- detailed classification of social protection benefits applied in the core system for general classification of social protection benefits and services;
- scheme and total schemes meeting the sum of all schemes and reflecting data at national level.


Solveiga Siliņa
Senior Expert

Social Policy Planning and Development Department
Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
+371 67021598

Kārlis Smudzis
Senior Officer

Social Statistics Data Compilation and Analysis Section
Social Statistics Department
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
+371 67366948


Kārlis Smudzis

Karlis.Smudzis [at]