Survey on energy consumption in households in 2020

If you have received the letter sent by the Central Statistical Bureau, you were selected using random sampling method. Only one person, who is registered at the address indicated in the letter and is at least 15 years old, will be interviewed.

You will be asked questions concerning your dwelling, electrical appliances and vehicles you use, as well as energy, heating and hot water consumption at your household. In order to successfully answer the questionnaire and reduce the time taken to complete it, the CSB kindly requests you to prepare the utility bills for 2020 and documents confirming the purchase of energy resources (electricity, natural gas, fuel, firewood, etc.) prior to filling out the questionnaire.

According to the current legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia, the CSB is entitled to collect and process personal data and is responsible for ensuring the protection and confidentiality of the data you provide. The data obtained will be published only in summarised form for the analysis of economic and social phenomena and processes.

If you want to verify the identity of the interviewer or learn more about the survey:

Internet interviews

If you have recieved an invitation to fill in the e-questionnaire, it can be done on the website until 15 April, 2021.

To authorize for the e-questionnaire using online banking, e-identification card or e-signature we kindly request one person, who is registered at the address indicated on the envelope and is at least 15 years old to follow the authorization procedure.

The e-questionnaire can be filled in one or more authorizations, and it will be possible to fill it in Latvian or Russian.

Manual (only in Latvian) on filling in the e-questionnaire.

Telephone interviews

If you do not have the option to fill in the questionnaire online, or it is easier for you to do so during the telephone interview, please contact us:

by calling the toll-free assistance number +371 80008811 from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays;

contact CSB by e-mail:

If you have not been able to answer the e-questionnaire or call us, then the CSB interviewer will contact you by telephone within the time period specified in the letter.

The identity of the interviewer can be verified by clicking on the link or by calling the toll-free number mentioned above.