Cabinet regulation Nr.782 "Official Statistics Programme for 2022–2024" (in Latvian only) become effective on 01.01.2022.

Information on the publication of official statistics and the respective terms provided by institutions responsible for the production of official statistics.

In accordance with the Law on Statistics, the official statistics, metadata and dissemination calendar of all statistical institutions shall be published on the official statistics portal. The transition period during which the Central Statistical Bureau intends to integrate the official statistical tables and metadata of all statistical authorities into the content of the portal is two years after the launch of the portal.

See the dissemination calendar of the official statistics portal.

You can find statistics choosing either browse by topic or search on the official statistics portal.

Statistical institution Data Dissemination calendar
Road Transport Administration View View
Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia View View
National Library of Latvia View View
Procurement Monitoring Bureau View View
State Regional Development Agency View View
State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia View View
State Agency of Medicines  View


The Nature Conservation Agency View View