Jaunās mājaslapas ekrānšāviņš

On Friday, March 12, at 15:00 the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) homepage will be migrated to a single platform of websites of state and local government institutions, and from now on it will be similar to websites of other state institutions: created following common principles, up-to-date and convenient in use. New address of the website will be csp.gov.lv, however, users that will be using the current domain csb.gov.lv, will be automatically redirected to the new homepage. Other links used the most will also have redirection made to the new website or statistics portal.

Information on population survey, enterprise surveys, institution and other information that is not directly related to the data will be available in the new website.

Previously we informed data users that after the successful migration of CSB homepage to single platform of websites of public administration the CSB will discontinue maintenance of statistics database and all data will be published only on Official statistics portal. According to the dissemination calendar also statistics releases, publications, maps, data visualisations, etc. will be published on the portal.

Mapping scheme from table identifier (ID) in the CSB statistics database to table ID and name in Official statistics portal.

Database tables on the Official statistics portal can be found by browsing subject tree or searching by table name or ID. Access can be made to all database tables published on the Official statistics portal using application programming interface or API.


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