Responsible authority
State Land Service
Ministry of Economics
Būvju klasifikācija
Purpose of introduction

Provision of common registration of constructions, including groups of premises inside buildings, in the country.

Classification object

Constructions (buildings and civil engineering structures) and groups of premises.

Area of application
  • designing of constructions;
  • registration of constructions;
  • compilation of construction statistics;
  • cadastral surveying, registration and evaluation;
  • development of national accounts.

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia (State Land Service)

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding system hierarchical
Code length – eight digits
Number of levels – 6

Description of levels
Level 1 –  2 sections (identified by the first digit of  four-digit numerical code);
Level 2 –  6 sub-sections (
identified by the first two digits of four-digit numerical code);
Level 3 – 20 groups (
identified by the first three digits of four-digit numerical code);
Level 4 – 47 classes (
identified by four-digit numerical codes);
Level 5 – 70 type groups (identified by six-digit numerical codes);
Level 6 – 161 types ((identified by eight-digit numerical codes).

More information
Adaptation of the EU Classification of Types of Construction (CC)


Uldis Svilpe
Methodology Expert
Building Methodology Unit

Department of Cadastre
The State Land Service of Latvia
+371 27309677

Mārtiņš Riežnieks
Senior Expert
Department of Construction Policy

Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia
+371 67013140