Responsible authority
Ministry of Welfare
Purpose of introduction

Provision of labour force registration and comparisons meeting international practice.

Classification object

Professions, occupations, specialities, crafts.

Area of application

Use of the classification is mandatory in the following fields: 

  • employment legal relations and service relationships (except for national security institutions) when indicating occupation (craft, post, speciality) in line with the classification;
  • information systems the use whereof ensures circulation of the information necessary for labour force registration;
  • official statistics;
  • labour force-related researches and studies;
  • registration and comparison of labour force information meeting the practice of International Labour Organisation;
  • external economic cooperation;
  • other fields requiring use of common occupation titles.

Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia

Planned update or revision

Performed when necessary.

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding system – hierarchical
Code length – seven digits
Number of levels – 5

Description of levels
Level 1 – 10 major groups
Level 2 – 43 sub-major groups
Level 3 – 128 minor groups
Level 4 – 427 unit groups
Level 5 – approximately 3600 occupations (posts)

More information
Adaptation of the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO-08).


Ilze Zvīdriņa

Deputy Director of the Labor Market Policy Department, Ministry of Welfare
Ilze.Zvidrina [at]