Responsible authority
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development
Purpose of introduction

Provision of public institutions and private individuals engaged in management of water resources and pollution control with readily available information in breakdown by river catchment area.

Classification object

Catchment areas of all major watercourses (rivers, streams, canals) of the Republic of Latvia exceeding 25 km² or the watercourses corresponding to the basin (or sections thereof) longer than 10 km.

Area of application
  • production of statistics;
  • economic estimates and balances on waters.

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Planned update or revision

Are not planned.

Coding system, code length, number of levels

Coding system  hierarchical
Code length – ten digits
Number of levels  9

Description of levels
Level 1 –     20 river basins
Level 2 –     49 sections
Level 3 –   454 sections
Level 4 – 1477 sections
Level 5 – 1394 sections
Level 6 –   382 sections
Level 7 –   116 sections
Level 8 –    67 sections
Level 9 –    14 sections

Description of hierarchy
The code may consist of 2–10 digits.
Each watercourse tributary (and the corresponding section) is coded as a new sub-level (one digit in a code).

Additional information
The classification includes 3973 objects.