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Forms and questionnaires may be submitted by electronic means to the electronic data collection system (EDV) in both company and household and individual surveys. Individuals connect to the “Connect to EDV e-surveys and e-forms” section.
Legal persons who have already registered are connected to the section "Join to registered users of EDV, new users connect to the section “Sign-up application for legal persons”
Respondents (legal persons) are registered as users of the Electronic Data Collection (EDV) System of the Central Statistical Bureau. The EDV system makes it possible for respondents to electronically fill out forms, check the information entered, perform the simplest data checks, and submit the form to the Central Statistical Bureau. Respondents (legal persons) have access to completed forms for the last three years. You can view and print them.

Process description

  1. Check-in
    Legal entities to become a user of the EDV system shall complete an application for registration: - Application for registration to legal persons.
    The Central Statistical Bureau shall register the respondent within two working days after receipt of the application by sending the identifier and the initial password to the specified electronic mail address of the users.
    Individuals authenticate to the EDV system using the icon - Connect to EDV e-surveys and e-forms.

  2. Fill in and submit forms
    1. The individual's questionnaire can be completed and submitted electronically to the EDV system using the authentication tools of the portal (eID, eParakstsmobile, eParakstsmobile, and Internet banking authentication tools).
    2. Legal person forms may be completed and submitted electronically in the EDV system:
    2.1. entering a user name and password.
    2.2. using the authentication tools of the portal (eID, eParaksts, eParakstsmobile and Internet banking authentication tools)

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