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The consumer price index (CPI) is characterized by a consumer goods and services price level changes to a specific time period. The average level of price changes for the CPI measure of consumer goods and services for a fixed set of selection (consumer basket). In Latvia this index is used as the main inflation indicator.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To make a request for information indicating the period for which the necessary information. The submission shall indicate the applicant 's name, surname (legal persons - name, VAT registration number and bank details), place of residence (legal address), the phone. The applicant must be the signature. It is desirable to show you the desired method of payment - or pay you cash or non-cash settlement CSP information centres, or via bank, as well as the preferred mode of receipt - by post or LR CSP information centres.

  2. Receipt of services
    Receipt of services according to the application of choice.


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